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  1. Interior
    Got my i4 naked from the dealer and started shopping around for some nice floor mats. Any suggestions? Also curious to hear if you're already doing mods or adding cool accessories.
  2. United States General
    I an in the New England region and I have eDrive40 on order. The car is built and currently at the port waiting for a ship. I recently noticed on BMW USA website, that if you order eDrive40 you can also add a set of 19" 859 Y-Spoke Cold Weather Wheel and Tire Set as a second set of tiers for...
  3. Exterior
    This seems to be an aftermount. Has anybody seen this before?
  4. Interior
    Recently joined and have a new i4 M50 on the way to join our Porsche Cayenne Turbo. We have 2 Cavapoos and will occasionally need to take them in the i4. Are there any avaialble boot liners/dog guards etc that are available for the i4. Interested in trying to protect the lovely boot carpet and...
  5. Exterior
    going over my preliminary quote.... does bmw normally charge for wheel locks? I assume they use wheel bolts instead of studs... (all my VAG products use bolts, and came with 1 keyed bolt per wheel...) excuse the ignorance.... 1st new car in 20 yrs
  6. Exterior
    Does anyone hear know if the retractable tow hitch will be available as an accessory in the US? I know a lot of other countries have this as an option however there’s no real information on US models
  7. Pimp your Ride
    The i4 will undoubtedly be the best equipped from the factory vehicle I’ve ever owned but I’m still excited to accessorize and make the car my own. Despite living in a pretty dry climate, I’m still a big fan of rubber floor mats just for the simplicity of keeping the interior clean. I’ll also...
  8. Exterior
    Has anyone found a roofbox that would look a little less ugly on a 4 series? I noticed from Thule pages, that the roof rack of old 4 series should fit, if you change the fitting kit. This got me hoping I could use my old Packline FX222 on the I4, but I wonder if it's too long. Then again, my...
  9. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    Is there any sort of automatic garage door activation based on location, using the Homelink/universal garage door opener? This is a feature that my Tesla has, and I literally use it every time I get in the car. It's not a big deal, but I haven't been able to find out anything in the currently...
  10. Interior
    I have a few questions and want to group them all in one topic: 1. Who will install an aftermarket dashcam in his new i4, front view 2. Who will install an aftermarket dashcam in his new i4, front + back view 3. Which would you prefer to buy? Nextbase 622GW, Nextbase 522GW, Nextbase 322GW? Mio...
  11. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Back in 2016, I bought this "ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth" on Amazon to connect to my, at that time, brand new Audi A4. The OBDLink app (included) provides advanced diagnostics, tachographs, multi-parameter diagrams, customizable displays, Dropbox support, and more. OBDLink MX+ works...
  12. Exterior
    Tow bars....I don't have one, I don't need one, and actually, I don't like them... When driving around in Belgium with a fully extracted tow bar, with no trailer, and you're having an accident where someone rear-ends you, the insurance might take off their hands. Why? well, because tow bars...
  13. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    Your opinions please :unsure: If you didn't order the recorder, I heard you can still activate it afterwards.
  14. Interior
    I've found out the I4 only has two 12v sockets, one located in the center console and one in the trunk. I hoped they put one below or near the glove box too like in other models of the brand, but during an I4 preview event I couldn't feel/find such a socket. Any suggestions how to connect a...
  15. Exterior
    We're ordering an i4 m50 in Regina SK Canada but were disappointed to see that the hitch wasn't an option in North America. We have the offer of some friends who are coming from Germany in February to order the i4 hitch assembly as a part in Germany and bring it with them when they come. The...
  16. Exterior
    Anyone knows if any roof rack or roof box option would be available for i4? or would the accessories for 4 Series Grand Coup be compatible?
  17. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    Some news on extended M performance parts. From the first looks of it front, side & back bumper/diffuser, performance brakes & disc, steeringwheel and horrible stickers to state the obvious in a 1990's manner :D
  18. Exterior
    I'm pondering if I should add the enhanced package to my eDrive40 order. The upgrade would be CAD$3,600. Some of the items in package are pretty useless - ambient lighting, Galvanic Controls, Parking Assistant (not needed, not that it doesnt work). HK surround sound and head-up display are...
1-18 of 18 Results