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  1. Interior
    I tried to search the forums but could not find any answer. Does the i4 have a old style AUX audio input (3.5mm jack)?
  2. Interior
    Just got off the phone with my dealer and he was saying that the HK subs in **US models of the i4 will be located under the seats and not in the trunk. Curious if anyone else had received this as well? In what I could find here, it seems that the iX will have it under seats, but I couldnt find...
  3. Interior
    I ordered my M50 with the Harman Kardon option. I think it's well worth its price, and for the limited time I could check it out, it sounds great. Yes, my dear purofiles (?!?), I know, It's not a super system for your audio room or cinema at home (don't forget, you're still in a car), so... And...
  4. Interior
    Hey there, had anyone already the chance to listen to the HiFi Soundsystem? (the intermediate option out of the three versions) All the reviews i found had the HK System and I am not sure if the HiFi is also good enough (Even it is also a bit a matter of individual taste). Thanks and...
  5. Interior
    Hey, does anyone know how deep Spotify is integrated into iDrive 8? is there a native App in iDrive 8? is i streaming via the cars internet connection? or is a mobile phone required and it is streaming via Bluetooth? and/or is the personal eSIM required for streaming directly? thx!
  6. Interior
    Thinking of introducing a Slight oddball of a topic vs usual lecture by asking a simple question to some of the audiophiles in the forum. Doesn’t matter if you have the Hifi or HK soundsystem ordered, if you are a heavy metal head that secretly listens to classical on the highway and cries on -...
1-7 of 7 Results