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  1. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    The built in native iDrive Spotify app on my 2023 e40 stopped working last week. Worked fine for the first few weeks, but now just says "loading" with no music every time I try to open it. Already re-set the iDrive system several times (held down power button for 30 seconds), but that did not...
  2. BMW i4 Infotainment & Technology
    Unfortunately, I have repeatedly dropouts with my Harman Kardon audio system. All the low and mid-range speakers fail completely and only the tweeters are still active. This happens completely irregularly. In the meantime, BMW has installed various updates and also replaced the power amplifier...
  3. Interior
    I tried to search the forums but could not find any answer. Does the i4 have a old style AUX audio input (3.5mm jack)?
  4. Interior
    Just got off the phone with my dealer and he was saying that the HK subs in **US models of the i4 will be located under the seats and not in the trunk. Curious if anyone else had received this as well? In what I could find here, it seems that the iX will have it under seats, but I couldnt find...
  5. Interior
    I ordered my M50 with the Harman Kardon option. I think it's well worth its price, and for the limited time I could check it out, it sounds great. Yes, my dear purofiles (?!?), I know, It's not a super system for your audio room or cinema at home (don't forget, you're still in a car), so... And...
  6. Interior
    Hey there, had anyone already the chance to listen to the HiFi Soundsystem? (the intermediate option out of the three versions) All the reviews i found had the HK System and I am not sure if the HiFi is also good enough (Even it is also a bit a matter of individual taste). Thanks and...
  7. Interior
    Hey, does anyone know how deep Spotify is integrated into iDrive 8? is there a native App in iDrive 8? is i streaming via the cars internet connection? or is a mobile phone required and it is streaming via Bluetooth? and/or is the personal eSIM required for streaming directly? thx!
  8. Interior
    Thinking of introducing a Slight oddball of a topic vs usual lecture by asking a simple question to some of the audiophiles in the forum. Doesn’t matter if you have the Hifi or HK soundsystem ordered, if you are a heavy metal head that secretly listens to classical on the highway and cries on -...
1-9 of 9 Results