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  1. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    The color looks brighter than Aventurine Red and darker than Sunset Orange - is it an Individual color?
  2. 2022+ BMW i4 Reviews
    Killing the range on those 20 inch wells and cold weather. Demonstrate a little slow pause before reaction of the accelerator pedal. Appreciate the comfort and the feeling of a bigger car(5 series like)
  3. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    Hi, Here is your video detective again. What will the M50 do with 0 % battery.. lol Enjoy!
  4. 2022+ BMW i4 Versus The Competition
    Pretty neat video that shows under the same test environment, the M50 has relentless top-end acceleration in comparison. If you quickly scan a few shots, it also shows the BMW with 56% SoC, and 134miles of range remaining. If you reverse calculate it, it translates into about 240 miles @ 100%...
  5. 2022+ BMW i4 Reviews
    I haven't seen this review on here yet: Very English guy (reminds me of my English uncles) that likes the i4 M50 a lot.
  6. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    (I'm sure we've lost track of the reviews of M50 that are scattered in the forum, probably a few double or triple... but...hey...we will be fine!)
  7. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    Looks great. My initial choice of color! Lot's of wind noise says the reviewer. @Ultrachrome had it post it already HERE. I hope the next one is new.
  8. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    This reviewer mostly likes the i4 M50 but one thing that confused me is that he say the interior is noisy and I asked a question about this in the comment section and he said it was much noisier than the Model 3. Yet...several other reviews I saw on this car the reviewer specifically mentions...
  9. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    This "lad" doesn't tell you anything you already know and just spouts off on his personal opinions, but the one thing that is interesting to see is a fully loaded boot space to get a better idea of how much you can fit in (at 3:41 into the video).
1-20 of 21 Results