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  1. Wheels, Tires, Brakes & Suspension
    2023 BMW i4 eDrive 40 Has anyone else experienced very loud squeaking brakes? It seems to start when it is about 40 degrees, and worsens as the temperature decreases. Also it seems to be worse when you are lightly applying the brakes - if you press harder it will go away. Here's the...
  2. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, my e40 finally arrived at the dealership! The dealer offered a 7-year full maintenance program which cost roughly $3000 for my e40. With this package, what i get in extra is wiper blades replacement, brake replacement, things like that. The main thing is really the brake. But for an...
  3. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    When I test drove the eDrive40, I found it very hard to modulate braking. I have no issues with the regenerative braking (been driving a Tesla for 3 years), but the brake pedal’s bite is hard to estimate. Just a little touch of the brake pedal and the bite point comes super early and jolts the...
1-3 of 3 Results