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  1. Exterior
    Don't get me wrong, I love my i4, but I was feeling salty the other day in the rain so figured I'd post about the design flaw that's the rear view camera position. Sure, I get it's nicely hidden in the roundel; even when you see it, it's a nice detail on the overall badging. But... Is it just...
  2. Exterior
    A very useful function especially during winter season when car gets dirty within seconds. It is available on the iX - but not on the i4. Do you think it can be available on the I4 in the future? Are there any technical/space obstacles? I mean - on my VW Passat the rear camera was always...
  3. Exterior
    Question: would you have liked it, if there was a camera instead of a mirror on your i4? (I love polls)
  4. Exterior
    It looks like it is no longer possible to order the rear view camera. I have checked 4 BMW website, Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK and France. On the French website I can't even find the option any more. On the other 3, the configurator gives you a message as soon as you click on it: Due to...
  5. Exterior
    For some reason I can't find the answer to this question anywhere 🤔 I know you will have it in the Parking Assistant Plus but I don't know if it will come as standard without this package?
  6. Exterior
    Hi All! I've been trying to determine if the i4 will have a self-washing reverse camera like on the iX? I know the i4 reverse camera is integrated in the logo, but no mention of the self-washing feature... which I'm guessing is probably not a good sign. Would be incredibly helpful if it was...
1-6 of 6 Results