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  1. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    Usually BMW is on the leading edge of integration with Apple and its offerings... surprised to not see them listed in this expanded CarPlay integration for 2023. To be honest, BMW's CarPlay integration was one of the reasons I chose to buy a BMW... they support all the "things"... CarPlay...
  2. BMW i4 Infotainment & Technology
    Anyone know if it’s possible to get Waze or Google Maps on the Navigation widget or separate Widget. When I use Waze I’d prefer not to see it full screen and have it as a Widget next to the others.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Quick drive up the coast! I set off in the early morning with 90% SOC. There were no elephant seals on the beach in San Simeon, so I kept driving. This is America, so I spent $4.25 on a drip coffee at Ragged Point. I had dipped my toes into CarPlay for a second, but decided to disable it...
  4. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    I've been having an issue with the CarPlay Maps issue since I've had my i4. When using Google Maps/Apple Maps through CarPlay, after some amount of time the GPS location becomes inaccurate, showing my location around 100 feet from where I actually am. The longer I am using the navigation the...
  5. Interior
    Has anyone seen pictures, or even better a video, of what CarPlay integration with the HUD looks like?
  6. Interior
    Which one is the best, which one offers the best features? And to be honest, I don't want the usual war between Android and iOS. I want reliable answers. A second thing that comes up is, can I use both at the same time? Something like, I want Carplay to be my car-buddy, but I want to keep my...
  7. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    We put our deposit on our i4 at the dealership yesterday and I told the dealer I was needing to get a new phone soon and asked should I buy an Apple or Android and he said definitely Apple. I don't really want an Apple phone but if it makes a huge amount of difference with this car, then I'll...
  8. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Was going through the specs today with the dealer when I was told Carplay will simply not be available where I am at (Hong Kong). Not even if I pay for the extra cost. When I asked why they mentioned something that didn't make a lot of sense to me - that the iDrive system with Chinese support...
  9. Interior
    Hi, I'm a new member and this is my first post so I hope I'm asking this in the correct area. Can one have the phone on the wireless charger and still have it connect to Apple CarPlay so that other Apps work?
1-10 of 10 Results