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  2. BMW i4 Infotainment & Technology
    One of the main criticisms in reviews of the i4 is the lack of physical buttons for basic climate control features. Now that I have my car, I would agree. I hate touching and smudging the screen… Therefore I am surprised that AFTER you select the climate control button on the main screen, you...
  3. Interior
    So I was requesting my dealer to change some financial conditions on the financial leasing plan (not the car options or anything), and the dealer stated to do that they must generate new agreement, no change to production. so far so good. Then they said some options changed in price, but very...
  4. Interior
    Hello everyone I learned today, that due to chipshortage, the iDrive button / wheel will be produced whitout the possibility to write letters and numbers on, using your finger. The wheel-button simply doesn't have the hardware for that. Anyone have an info if this could be switched for at...
  5. Interior
    It looks like the chip shortage has an impact on the i4 after all. Not on the big display on the dash, but apparently on the touchpad on the BMW Controller. According to the user manual, the controller has some touch-functions as well (not push but touch). Yesterday I was trying out stuff on...
1-5 of 5 Results