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  1. Exterior
    I am building an I4 m50 and was curious of everyone's thought on getting the M Carbon Exterior Package (20") wheels or keeping the 19" wheels no carbon exterior package but keeping the range. It sucks that you can't get 19" wheels and have the M Carbon Exterior. Does anyone know if you were...
  2. United States General
    Hey all, I've been seeing a number of European e40 M Sport pictures on the forums with Extended Shadowline Trim (blacked out grill edges) and the darker Shadowline lights. However, I can't seem to find these options on the US configurator for the e40 M Sport - it only has the regular Shadowline...
  3. Interior
    I'm looking into changing the : a) blue start/stop button b) blue accents on the shifter Does anyone know if it's easy to replace the blue button with a standard black one? The shifter. Don't see that much options, instead of ordering a M performance one ; which will be +-200 Euro ...
  4. Exterior
    You can price it into the build using the configurator Not too bad on the car. Im going for it
  5. Exterior
    I don't know how it works in other countries, but in the USA we can order vanity license plates saying whatever we want on them, as long as its not deemed offensive. So if anyone is interested in a custom vanity plate showing pride that you drive an electric car, you should get the plate now...
  6. Exterior
    Hello all, does anybody know if there is a different spoiler option in Europe versus the US? I opted for carbon exterior package which includes a carbon fiber spoiler- however it seems that the US version is a lot smaller than what you see with M performance parts in Europe? Can anyone...
  7. Exterior
    I received an email from my dealer this morning that 50th-anniversary emblems are available in the ordering system now. It's a $200 option for i4 M50. I am adding to my order. Anyone else ordering these emblems? Thoughts?
  8. Exterior
    So i think the i4 - e40 or m50 looks awesome. The front grille is an acquired taste and so I spent a bit of time choosing the right body and trim colors to reduce its influence on the look of the car. But, i realized that in NJ, where i live, its mandatory to have a front license plate and im...
  9. Exterior
    I noticed the M50 does not have side badging on the build (at least here in the US)- however in a lot of videos and pictures I see the m badge on the side. Anyone have any ideas if this just a glitch or a regional thing?
  10. Exterior
    Did anyone opt for them?
  11. Exterior
    I wish that the "grill" on the i4 ended as in the concept car pictured on the right below... Basically filled in with the body color but still there. I know a lot of people won't like this and I also know they were trying make this car look like the other i4s so people weren't scared away...
  12. Exterior
    Anyone know if the i4M50 will be available with the anniversary M badges. These should be available for cars built after March 2022.
  13. Exterior
    Hello There, I ordered my BMW i4 eDrive40 Model M Sport a few months ago and with all the new videos I still are 100% excited by the configuration I took. However, I still have a question I can't figure out about the color of the rear bumpers. To my understanding I was forced to get these...
  14. Exterior
    Hi, I‘ve ordered a m50 in green with a lot of extra’s. as I’m not a fan of spoilers in the beginning, I’ve ordered it without the rear spoiler. what do you think, a m50 without a spoiler looks better or a m50 needs it?
  15. Exterior
    Does it include a front splitter? Mirror caps, Rear spoiler, Gurney flap, Rear valance, Front accents What else is included?
  16. Exterior
    Do you know if it will be possible to modify the BMW exterior logos? I'm not a fan of the around the logos
  17. Exterior
    Hi Just a couple of curiosities about the i4 front grill vs the new 4 GC (and 4 coupe/cabrio) and m shadow option: 1) the grill has a different shape in the bottom, which is more visible in the m models trim/ greyish color: M440i GC (also notice that there is no front m badge) i4 m50 (bottom...
  18. Exterior
    I have a preorder in for the eDrive40 and am very excited about it, EXCEPT for the blue accents shown in all the pics. Does anyone know if there is an option to have a different color on the pieces that are blue on the exterior and interior?
  19. Exterior
    This obviously applies to the i4 as well. According to Domagoj Dukec, head of BMW design since July 2019, the M3 and M4 Grille is about making a statement more than whether or not it looks pretty or ugly. “People love BMW because it’s a high-performance, perfectly engineered product, (and)...
1-20 of 20 Results