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  1. 2021+ BMW i4 Pictures
    Went to the dealer today, to take some Photos of my configuration. Below a short teaser, will upload a couple more tonight. Unfortunately the car was locked and I could not turn the Headlights on or take Interieur Photos :(
  2. 2021+ BMW i4 Videos Does the front rise quite a lot ?
  3. 2021+ BMW i4 Videos
    DRAVIT Grey & Cognac ! @100-110 Km/h 63db noise = very good! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde = Comfort and Sporty! 160-207 kW charging @ 15% 126 kW charging @ 45% 10 minutes charging for 13-44% in 30 minutes he got 58kW (81%)
  4. 2021+ BMW i4 Pictures
    View and share pictures here of the 2022+ BMW i4 in Dravit Grey Metallic 2022 BMW i4 Color Options Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic Alpine White Black Sapphire Metallic Mineral White Metallic Sunset Orange Metallic Portimao Blue Metallic San Remo Green Metallic Brooklyn Grey Metallic/Skyscraper...
1-9 of 9 Results