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  1. Consumption - Batteries - Range
    I’ve used my free 30 minute charging session with Electrify America twice and both times, the 150 kW charger would only charge at about 40kW. During the 2nd session, my dash reflected 100 kW and then it quickly dropped to 32kW and then settled at 40kW. Is anyone else experiencing these slow...
  2. United States General
    2 days ago at a charging station in Cordele GA off I75 all the chargers would plug-in, blink yellow, and then eventually blink red. This included moving into a spot where another car had just moved out after charging. Called EA service and after 10 minutes on hold & another 10 minutes to verify...
  3. Consumption - Batteries - Range
    Hoping some i4 owners in the US can chime in here: 1) Can we manually preheat the battery before going to a DC fast charger? If so, how do we know how long to preheat it for? 2) If we navigate to a DC fast charger, will it automatically preheat the battery? In the US, which stations will it...
1-3 of 3 Results