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  1. Exterior
    I discovered the front towing eye cover had sprung itself somehow and it will not close. An appointment has been set up to get it replaced. (Tanzanite Blue Metallic). Has anyone else experienced this? My dealer is about 70 miles from my home and I am hoping for a quick trip and quick repair.
  2. Exterior
    Hi everyone, I recently received my eDrive40, and looking to make it more aggressive looking/unique to me. I didn't add the M Performance package, so adding those parts is one idea. Has anyone had any luck with any body kits or aftermarket parts? I've been looking around and it seems like the...
  3. Exterior
    Hello, I know there are several posts on this forum about the license plate. I went through a lot of them. I'm going the tow hook route; my order will arrive in about 2 weeks or less. I would like a way to mount my front license plate in the meantime. I know people said they had a vinyl plate...
  4. Exterior
    So, I noticed that I was charged for "XPEL PREM SHLD PL-B, PH, F". Did anyone else get charged this when they went to pick up their car? It's just shy of a grand. Also, does anyone know if it stands for "XPEL premium shield on black plastic, partial hood, and front bumper"? I asked my CA but he...
  5. Q&A - Tips & Tricks
    I will be hand washing my car. Any suggestions on best cleaning products (interior and exterior)? A huge plus if they are eco friendly/sustainable/non toxic. I will be getting a wrap so I don't think I should wax. I'll have the Vernasca leather. Thank you!
1-5 of 5 Results