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  1. Interior
    Just got off the phone with my dealer and he was saying that the HK subs in **US models of the i4 will be located under the seats and not in the trunk. Curious if anyone else had received this as well? In what I could find here, it seems that the iX will have it under seats, but I couldnt find...
  2. Interior
    The easiest way to play gapless files would be with an app like Vox (iOS - not sure it exists on Android). It has full support for gapless, flac and all the nice audio stuff, even an eq. That being said, the HK system is no B&W and I doubt you will hear any difference from a 256 kbps file. But...
  3. Interior
    Hey there, had anyone already the chance to listen to the HiFi Soundsystem? (the intermediate option out of the three versions) All the reviews i found had the HK System and I am not sure if the HiFi is also good enough (Even it is also a bit a matter of individual taste). Thanks and...
1-4 of 4 Results