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  1. Deliveries, delays, and missing options
    Took delivery on Feb 25, 2023 after 9 months of order. Took it to auto-detailer for PPF (XPEL Ultimate Plus), Tint (XPEL XR Prime) & Ceramic Coating (XPEL Fusion Plus). Yet to go on a longer trip, mostly using for office commute. GoM make me nervous, but as directed by everyone else in the...
  2. 2022+ BMW i4 News
    Problem is, I got tired of waiting and bought a Chevy Bolt. Not as sexy, but a terrific car. My i4 is in transit to Syracuse. It's an M50 in orange, with Canberra beige leather. Price is $71,645.00. I'm going to let it go. I'm eligible to get my $1500 deposit back and can simply return it to...
  3. BMW i4 Infotainment & Technology
    * updated content based on questions received * I've seen a lot of conversations asking if the HK stereo upgrade is needed in the i4, and I'd assert the answer is a HUGE yes if you care about music - the base stereo is notably dull, while the HK delivers a far better audio quality. However...
  4. BMW i4 Infotainment & Technology
    Updated my i4 software today and parking view is messed up after that. Did anyone else encountered this issue? thanks.
  5. Wheels, Tires, Brakes & Suspension
    Hi folks, I received my i4 m50 in Toronto this week. Will share separate posts with photos soon. I am currently confused while looking for winter tires. Stock car comes with 19' staggered fit setup. For winter, BMW have 2 approved sets: 1) 245/45 R18 100H both front and rear 2) 245/40 R19...
  6. Exterior
    Hello, I was curious if anyone has had success fitting body panels meant for m3/m4’s to their i4.
  7. UK
    Can anyone recommend a London based detailer that can do PFF and ceramic coatings? many thanks Pete
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  11. 2022+ BMW i4 News
    Good day, Joining the conversation. Just ordered an i4 M50 on 8/4/2022, Brooklyn Grey over Tacora Red, equipped with most options, save leather upholstery. Looking forward to it, whenever it gets here. This will be my seventh BMW. I had the privilege of picking four of the other six in Munich...
  12. 2022+ BMW i4 News
    Does anyone have any information current on stop sale regarding the M50? Mine is stuck at the dealer whom is unable to delivery because of a stop sale / update but there is no information why and neither dealer nor BMW SE can say why and when.
  13. New Member Introductions
    Let night i pulled the trigger and became BMW owner. I decided not to wait and purchase the i4 M50 from the dealership. So we welcomed Izzy into our family. I am looking forward to learning all she can do. It's going to take some time getting used to coming from an SUV. You sit so low. I already...
  14. United States General
    Was wondering if anyone who has gotten their i4 had any issues with getting the 1.9% finance offer from their dealer I pre-ordered in June, configured in November and my i4 M50 is at the Port! My dealer is getting ready for delivery and had me fill out the financing form and told me that rate...
  15. Interior
    It looks like the chip shortage has an impact on the i4 after all. Not on the big display on the dash, but apparently on the touchpad on the BMW Controller. According to the user manual, the controller has some touch-functions as well (not push but touch). Yesterday I was trying out stuff on...
1-15 of 15 Results