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  1. 2021+ BMW i4 Versus The Competition Range (Sporty driving cold weather) Consumption Price as tested BMW i4 e40 378km 21,4kwh/100km £64,705 Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor 281km 28,2kwh/100km £58,800 BMW wins in every...
  2. 2021+ BMW i4 Versus The Competition
    This is one I’ve been personally looking forward to. Not surprisingly like all other reviews Top Gear is saying that the 40 is a better driver’s car than 50. This is why I want to see someone do a back to back test of the two...
  3. 2021+ BMW i4 Versus The Competition
    Comparing the BMW i4 to Polestar 2 with this spec breakdown shows where each model stands and its clear that BMW takes the win. That is, if you value performance, something we should only expect from a sporty all-electric BMW Gran Coupe. Polestars electric sedan does however offer more everyday...
1-3 of 3 Results