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  1. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    LATER EDIT: Looks only my car has a problem and it’s not suggesting charging points along the route. If anyone knows hot to fix this, I’ll be greatful. Hello! Unfortunately the BMW Navigation system on the iDrive 8 is not as good as the Tesla one. It doesn’t show you where to stop along the...
  2. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    The i4's come with service package 18 standard which does not allow all of the features yet that come with the ix which has the updated service package 21
  3. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Hi4story of remote software upgrades sources : BMW : remote software upgrades (up to 21-07 ?) BMW : search for update (error message) google
  4. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Does anyone know if the Drive Recorder function works or can be programmed on iDrive 8 system while PARKED? I've had my M5 emblem stolen multiple times before, and with the 50th Anni emblem, not so sure if it's even a wise option to have. Or perhaps I should just invest into some dash cam with...
  5. The EV Lounge
    This solution (12 min in the clip) will for sure be the next wireless charging solution upgrade in coming versions of BMW: Place for 2 phones in upright position facing driver and passenger, ”phone belt” and ventilation - and no usb charging port harassing. A bit later in the clip he says that...
  6. Interior
    So I was requesting my dealer to change some financial conditions on the financial leasing plan (not the car options or anything), and the dealer stated to do that they must generate new agreement, no change to production. so far so good. Then they said some options changed in price, but very...
  7. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Bjorn's iX 10KM challenge brough forth something really interesting. He was told that the i4 and iX share two different software platforms for the idrive Normally the number one reason for investing in different software would be different hardware. That would mean that any assumptions on what...
  8. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    So there are plenty of review videos that show only small portions/monitors of the new iDrive system, however I don’t see any in depth videos or reviews. Anyone have a good one they can share?
  9. Interior
    Hello everyone I learned today, that due to chipshortage, the iDrive button / wheel will be produced whitout the possibility to write letters and numbers on, using your finger. The wheel-button simply doesn't have the hardware for that. Anyone have an info if this could be switched for at...
  10. Interior
    I did some digging and found some interesting docs with the MGU21 board and PCB shots, thought I'd share it here :)
  11. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Maps in iDrive 8 Also remote upgrade
  12. Interior
    Hi all, Went to my dealer last week for service and had a look around the iX they had there. Interior is amazing, and the 2 LCD screens are huge and super crisp. It even looks a bit like they're too big for the amount of content they display, but oh well, better to have a larger than a smaller...
  13. Interior
    It looks like the chip shortage has an impact on the i4 after all. Not on the big display on the dash, but apparently on the touchpad on the BMW Controller. According to the user manual, the controller has some touch-functions as well (not push but touch). Yesterday I was trying out stuff on...
  14. Interior
    Okay so that's a lie, but there's no accurate way of gauging the true charging speed. We somehow need to get BMW to add a small number showing current kW that follows the current speed inside the bar. Here's a quick illustration showing what I mean. It should litteraly take a single BMW software...
  15. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    found this on the iX where all iDrive 8 buttons (apps) are explained (German)
  16. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Hi all, Apart from the few video overviews on YouTube, which don't go in to much detail, does anyone have a link to a detailed overview? I'm particularly interested in the media capabilities e.g spotify etc. One question on CarPlay, which I 've never used. Is it possible to use Netflix?
  17. 2021+ BMW i4 Videos
    Here as BMW introduces the all-new and reinvented BMW iDrive
  18. Interior
    BMW will reveal iDrive 8 on March 15th at CES 2021 and launch it in the iX and i4. "The official premiere for the new BMW iDrive infotainment architecture will take place next Monday via an online presentation organized on the...
1-20 of 21 Results