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  2. The EV Lounge
    BMW has recently annouced that there will be an i3 eDrive35L sedan for China only with the L standing for the long wheelbase version of the 3 series they get there. Do you guys think the rest of the world will get an electric 3 series too some time in the future? (America, Europe, Australia, Asia)
  3. The EV Lounge
    The BMW i7 electric sedan will get a 31-inch widescreen capable of streaming 8k movies.
  4. The EV Lounge
    How cool is this and what about the special "E" Emblems :)
  5. The EV Lounge
    BMW has revealed that one of the trim levels for the i7 with be the xDrive60. After nothing but guesswork about how BMW would name trim steps for the all-electric i7 sedan, BMW itself has given one of the trims away by promoting an i7...
  6. The EV Lounge
    BMW just introduced the first fully-electric 3-series for China. The first fully electric BMW 3 Series, tailor-made for China. Munich, Shenyang. The BMW Group continues to broaden its portfolio of electrically powered vehicles. Its latest addition is the fully electric BMW 3 Series, which will...
  7. The EV Lounge
    Harry Metcalfe put together a great review of the iX for his YouTube channel.
  8. The EV Lounge
    BMW has released a bunch of new teaser photos for the next-gen 7 Series. Munich. A few weeks before its world premiere and on the occasion of today's BMW Group Annual Conference...
  9. 2022+ BMW i4 Pictures
    i4 colors available according to BMW Individual web site: all blue metallic options Please add new pictures of BMW i4s in blue metallic colors in this thread. You can also add new pictures on any BMW if you find one in a color that is missing and represented by other brand below. Avus Blue...
  10. The EV Lounge
    link main problems around assistance systems: for comparison, iX results :
  11. The EV Lounge
    Carwow raced the iX 50 and the X7 M50i and had some back and forth results. It's a shame that the iX is limited to 125 mph unlike the X7.
  12. The EV Lounge
    350 miles of range is what the BMW i7 will likely get. "According to BMW, the i7's combined power consumption is 22.5-19.5 kWh/100 km based on the often optimistic WLTP standard, or 22.5-19.5 kWh for every 62 miles covered...
  13. The EV Lounge
    This solution (12 min in the clip) will for sure be the next wireless charging solution upgrade in coming versions of BMW: Place for 2 phones in upright position facing driver and passenger, ”phone belt” and ventilation - and no usb charging port harassing. A bit later in the clip he says that...
  14. The EV Lounge
    When BMW is done, the i7 shouldn't have any annoying sounds typical in other cars. For the highest level of well-being in the luxury...
  15. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Bjorn's iX 10KM challenge brough forth something really interesting. He was told that the i4 and iX share two different software platforms for the idrive Normally the number one reason for investing in different software would be different hardware. That would mean that any assumptions on what...
  16. The EV Lounge
    Wow TeslaBjorn clips a moose with the passenger mirror while doing the ix live review. Check it out at 3:22 Always be careful in Moose country. Hehe
  17. The EV Lounge
    As you can see, more plastic details are color-matched with sensatec - and the tunnel pads for the front seats have sensatec in same color (not black). Probably the Oyster has a touch more white in it. You can read more about the differences here.
  18. The EV Lounge
    Watch BMW's Super Bowl 2022 spot below. It also features Arnold Schwarzenegger BMW to Debut a New Advertisement during the Super Bowl Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Salma Hayek Pinault and the All-New, Fully Electric BMW iX Sports Activity Vehicle. Conceived by Goodby Silverstein & Partners...
1-20 of 49 Results