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  1. The EV Lounge
    Carwow has a scoop on the new EQS SUV, which surprisingly shorter than the EQS and nicer looking. Far better than the iX. Turning circle as low as ...11m (the i4 has 12.5 m!!) Hyperscreens and a 7-seater. Sure looks more luxurious than the iX. Lots of new EVs on the horizon. Keep them coming!
  2. The EV Lounge
    Screens are comparable to those of the i4, but much better integrated (notably protected from the heat of the sun) The "analogue" interface makes me envious The button system is great: the interface changes depending on whether you set the air conditioning or the sound
  3. The EV Lounge
    From side looks a lot like the i4. The competition is starting to show its teeth! Good for us the buyers!
  4. The EV Lounge
    Reporting on a couple of test drives this week. EV6 Thursday evening I headed out to Smithtown, Long Island to try the EV6. Short story - as others have said, it's a strong KIA, but no BMW. First, the buying experience would be enough to keep me from buying one. The dealership looked like...
  5. 2022+ BMW i4 Pictures
    i4 colors available according to BMW Individual web site: all blue metallic options Please add new pictures of BMW i4s in blue metallic colors in this thread. You can also add new pictures on any BMW if you find one in a color that is missing and represented by other brand below. Avus Blue...
  6. The EV Lounge
    M50 is much faster although not a huge difference in the relation torque and power vs. weight EQS 580 vs M50 2585 kg vs 2400 kg 855 Nm vs 795 Nm 524 hp vs 544 hp 11,74 vs 8,67 (100-200 km/h) 4,3 vs 3,74 (0-100 km/h)
  7. 2022+ BMW i4 Versus The Competition
    Lucid announced today, they are producing 12k-14k this year vs initial estimate of 20k cars. On CNBC they were talking about Lucid having issues finding glass, carpet etc.. It is not just chips anymore.
  8. The EV Lounge
  9. Consumption - Batteries - Range
    Test was done with a Skoda, but the idea is clear: what kills the range of an EV?
  10. The EV Lounge
    Source Maar we hebben toch een beleid dat alles elektrisch is? Toch staat Nederland in de top 10 duurste landen voor elektrische auto’s. Elektrische auto’s en Nederland lijkt een perfecte combinatie te zijn. De EV6, XC40 P8 en met name de Tesla’s vliegen je om je oren. Als we een nieuwe...
  11. The EV Lounge
    Ford’s CEO isn’t having it. There will be retribution for sleazy Ford dealers who charge above MSRP, particularly for EVs. Ford says these practices will impact those dealers future allocations. Kudos to Ford. Well done! It almost makes me want to order a Mach E…almost. I hope BMW is...
  12. The EV Lounge
    Koenigsegg has revealed a new in-house electric motor they're calling the Quark. It weighs 63 pounds, is barely taller than a 330 ml can and produces 335 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque...
  13. The EV Lounge Obviously doesn’t specify UWB vs NFC, nor confirmed. I’m just annoyed...
  14. The EV Lounge
    It does not affect directly the i4 production or sales but it would/could have profound implications in the EV market-place worldwide, and potentially make the future of BMW as an independent company, more risky. There are several videos on YouTube about this subject, this one that I think...
  15. The EV Lounge This is an amazing car. Also a deeply flawed car. That basically sums up Tesla. Put a proper steering wheel on it. Replace the entire braking system. Fix the aerodynamics. Maybe make some adjustments...
  16. The EV Lounge
  17. The EV Lounge
    Why did you choose to go with a BMW electric vehicle over something comparable from Tesla? With all the reasons to not buy a Tesla, what stood out to you the most that BMW solves? To those wondering, design is it for me. I find Tesla's to be ugly and even with the new double-coffin, the i4 is...
  18. 2022+ BMW i4 Versus The Competition
    Here's a good list of tips for taking care of your i4 or any other EV. Use proper winter tires Check tire pressure Disable auto folding side mirrors Set regenerative braking to low Lift wiper blades before snow Slow down and don't accelerate quickly Use heated seats/steering wheel and less...
1-19 of 19 Results