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  1. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    I placed an order 5 July 2022 and got it last friday 4 November so 122 days (fastest so far?). Specs: Alpine white M Sport package Innovation package Electric sunroof M Sportbrakes M Adaptive suspension HIFI sound system Tinted back window I'm really happy with the choice here. It's a fun car...
  2. 2022+ BMW i4 Pictures
    Went to the dealer today, to take some Photos of my configuration. Below a short teaser, will upload a couple more tonight. Unfortunately the car was locked and I could not turn the Headlights on or take Interieur Photos :(
  3. Interior
    Hi, I put in my pre-order last month for the M50 with the interior options of Black Vernasca Leather (Blue Stitching). I was wondering because I've seen the M Sport Seatbelts with the same stitching on overseas models, would it be possible to get them on the NA models? I was chatting with a...
  4. Interior
    Hi all, Well, today I made the decision to order an M50. So, it's options time. I'm currently looking at Sapphire black with Cognac/Mocha interior. The (small) issue is that in the UK, if I want Cognac, I have to have the M Sport seats. What's the thoughts on these seats over the standard ones?
  5. Interior
    It appears that the M Sport seats (Option 711) are not available in US or Canada. Super disappointing, :confused: I was looking forward to having similar seats to my old M4. Can anyone confirm or have conflicting information?
  6. Interior
    Hi Some random pics of the m sport seats from internet / YouTube from the 4 coupe reviews. I have the x3 g01 with sport seats (the same standard seats of the i4) with black vernasca and white stitching and they are great. But the m sport seats just look even more cool I think they make the i4...
  7. Interior
    Hi all. I’ve ordered my M50 but don’t need to confirm the spec until August however the configurator on the uk isn’t up and running on anything other than colour and wheels really. On all the press photos and videos of the M50 they have the M sport seats and I can’t work out if these will be...
1-7 of 7 Results