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  1. 2022+ BMW i4 Pictures
    Got my i4 m50 a few weeks ago, but just got around to posting a picture 😬 It’s been a joy to drive, and charging has been easier than I expected.
  2. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    I’m shocked this car tops out at 130mph. I’ve called a few tuners around me that all say they can’t work on it. Has anyone figured out a way to remove the speed limiter from their m50? And before the Karens show up, remember BMW M is for performance, some people actually like to drive their cars.
  3. BMW i4 Charging & Batteries
    Charged today my M50 (owner since beginning march and driven a total of >5.000 km) to 100%. Starting range was 435 km. After driving several trips for a total of 90 km on the Dutch highway with cruise control on, ac on and in eco mode and a outside of 27C temperature my actual range would be 541...
  4. Software - Bimmercode - OTA updates
    Here’s an email I received from an i-Team specialist after requesting that the team get together and come to a final answer on the Driving Assistance Professional Package for existing i4 M50 orders and Model Year 2023 M50 vehicles (which will probably begin production some time in July): “ Hi...
  5. Consumption - Batteries - Range
    I'm getting my I4 M50 in a few weeks (at port in germany shipping to NJ USA) and its my first electric car. I want a level 2 charger for my house but im not sure about the best setup(purchasinga Charge Point). My goal is the highest amps for quickest charge. My question is how many amps should i...
1-5 of 5 Results