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  1. 2022+ BMW i4 Pictures
    70% front windshield - Autobahn Air Ceramic 33% sides and rear windshield - Autobahn Ceramic i3 Shop: 1TouchTint Before: After:
  2. Exterior
    I picked up my M50 ten days ago and yesterday I applied a ceramic coating. Here are my recommendations: let a shop wash and clean the car thoroughly to spare time use IPA/panel wipe before applying the coat only use ceramic coating on painted/laquered surfaces for glass, rough plastic parts...
  3. Deliveries, delays, and missing options
    Hey fellow i4 enthusiasts, Picked up my long-awaited beautiful car today (finally!). It has been a long wait (but I know it hasn't been as long as some of you here so I will count myself lucky and thank my dealership). As far as I know, this wasn't a cancelled spot or anything. My order just...
  4. 2022+ BMW i4 Reviews
    Most negative review so far. Tragic to see them trapped into the M single digit comparison. I know those guys love the pure EV Teslas and seem to have no understanding for the appreciation of ICE car design on an EV.
  5. 2022+ BMW i4 Reviews
    So, I received my M50. I'm going to feed this thread as I go along, without a precise plan. first reflection: the period leaves me a bad taste, a kind of shame being happy while war is raging and, more futilely, you are still waiting for your i4. I added a "donate option" to celebrate Gertrud...
  6. The EV Lounge
    First video I found with grand coupe Portimao Blue with standard LED (no shadowline) and standard 18’ 858 wheels. Looks really good!
  7. 2022+ BMW i4 Reviews
    Focused on driving, which I like, and comparing it with M3 Comp and M440i, reasonable peers.
  8. 2022+ BMW i4 Reviews
    Is in Korean but you see briefly many colors and you get the sense os i4 e40.
  9. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    He criticizes a lot the brakes: too sensitive and not strong enough The weight is the big weak point, which makes it not a M
  10. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    Noticed a new i4 eDrive40 video on Youtube: "First Look | Interior, Exterior and Visual Review"
  11. 2022+ BMW i4 Pictures
    View and share pictures here of the 2022+ BMW i4 in Portimao Blue Metallic 2022 BMW i4 Color Options Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic Alpine White Black Sapphire Metallic Mineral White Metallic Sunset Orange Metallic Portimao Blue Metallic San Remo Green Metallic Brooklyn Grey Metallic/Skyscraper...
1-19 of 19 Results