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  1. UK
    Can anyone recommend a London based detailer that can do PFF and ceramic coatings? many thanks Pete
  2. Exterior
    Not specifically an i4 question - except specific for my Dravit Grey i4 on order. What type of exterior detailing would you recommend? So far I have just used regular waxing whether I have done it myself or have someone more professional do it for me. My dealer recommends using ceramic coating...
  3. Pimp your Ride
    A separate thread for vinyl wrapping. There are some interesting colors, like satin red chrome in the video below. There also appears to be some kind of matt gold, which would be close to the i4 concept, but I haven't found which film it is.
  4. Exterior
    Has anyone any experience of ceramic paint protection? I plan to have it applied professionally to my M50. Supposed 5 year protection - Crystal Serum Light followed by two layers of the 2 Year EXOv4 on top. Is this a realistic statement and how do you maintain the coating other than regular...
  5. Exterior
    So it have come to my attentions that some of the color options adds the option 8TR Decoding additional functions. 8TR apparantly is the code for removing lane change assistant. What colors does not have that coded away? So far I have found that Saphire Black, Portimao Blue and Samremo Green...
  6. Exterior
    Saw this mentioned on another forum so I thought I’d bring it here to all awaiting i4 owners. Is anyone going to opt for the Seal & Protect option that BMW garages supply? It’s €450 here in Ireland. I assume it makes more sense to get a proper ceramic coat from a detailer. Has anyone had...
  7. Exterior
    We're thinking of wrapping our M50 San Remo Green in Matte PPF. My girlfriend is only partly convinced and perhaps she's right but I really like the look of the matte finish. I have read that it is the gloss PPF that is in fact easier to maintain which I don't quite understand why. I'm also...
1-7 of 7 Results