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  1. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    I got my i4 m50 in June 2022. I really enjoy the car but there are some things I would like to see improved. Have access to all the power even if the steering wheel is not straight. Lane steering warning should not come up again after restarting the car - it ruins the experience and in some...
  2. Consumption - Batteries - Range
    I fly for work. Sometimes I only travel for a couple of days a week but I could be gone for an entire week or two. I have an ICE at the moment, so instead of wasting gas, I Uber to and from the airport. When my i4 arrives, I would prefer to drive my car. Any issues or tips for charging my car at...
  3. Q&A - Tips & Tricks
    Hi everyone! I read most reviews from this forum and watch most reviews from YT, however I don't think I found a single review talking about the range with the 20" 862 wheels. Am I correct? Any of you might have a link of such a review or maybe a real life test drive? BMW says 488km WLTP...
  4. Consumption - Batteries - Range
    Hi all, since more people are getting their i4 now, can existing owners help by populating this spreadsheet with their consumption data? This will help future owners understand the tradeoffs between the models, tire sizes and choices. The key columns to fill out are the model (eDrive40/M50)...
  5. Consumption - Batteries - Range
    Test was done with a Skoda, but the idea is clear: what kills the range of an EV?
  6. Consumption - Batteries - Range
    Two recent interesting articles on InsideEEvs French and US sites comparing WLTP/EPA vs Real world conditions autonomy. Autonomie réelle électrique, la vérité sur 12 voitures testées Tested: InsideEVs Reveals Real World Range Of Today's Electric Cars The article on the French version of the...
1-6 of 6 Results