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  1. Interior
    Hello Everyone, I'm in the process of trying to decide which EV toget an the i4 is top on my list. One of my biggest loves is the ventilated seats of cars. How are these in the i4? I haven't been able to find a BMW which ordered one with them installed. Is the lumbar deletion still a thing as...
  2. Interior
    So I was getting excited about this car. Went yesterday for my test drive of the i4m50 Most of you have driven it so I won’t bother with a review. however the seats were horrid for a supposed Msport car. No side bolster adjustment and I sloshed around probably two inches on each side before...
  3. Interior
    The oyster leather interior has started intrique me. Considering swapping to it from Cognac. If I would do it exterior could change as well. What exterior you see most fitting to Oyster?
  4. Interior
    I am close to ordering, but I just dont know which seats to Choose. Now I have a F36 with some beige sport seats close to white Leather, which I would like more into white, I in summer I really hoped I had a colling system in the seats. So the current white vernesca would be great, but I...
  5. Interior
    Hi all, Well, today I made the decision to order an M50. So, it's options time. I'm currently looking at Sapphire black with Cognac/Mocha interior. The (small) issue is that in the UK, if I want Cognac, I have to have the M Sport seats. What's the thoughts on these seats over the standard ones?
  6. Interior
    I'm a little crazy and I'm going for Frozen Portimao Blue with Tecora Red seats (known as the "superman look") and wondering if it'll be hideous or look kinda unique...but I also will have tinted windows so who cares! Plus I plan on getting a wrap a few years later, as the matte colors tend to...
  7. Interior
    Hello all, I’m configuring my M50 here in the US, however I’m noticing that the seats don’t have an option for the M sport seats, whereas the UK build website allows for that (Bucket seats with M badge on headrests) Does anyone know if this is just a regional thing or if the US model will come...
  8. Interior
    Today I revisited my dealer, and while they were fixing something on my current car I got some real ass-in-seat time in all their exhibition cars, and also got a chance to talk to the sellers. Looking around at the different model lines and interiors, I want to share my opinions about what are...
  9. Interior
    How do you sit in your seat driving your car? Choose between 1 through 6, depending on the height of the seat, the inclination of the seat, and the distance of the steering wheel. The angle of your arms can be an indication
  10. Interior
    Here you can find pictures of the different kinds of seats: (all black except the ventilated)
  11. Interior
    Hello, Really wanted the ventilated seats spec’d on the i4 M50 and despite being mentioned in various press articles I can’t see them either as included or an option within the BMW UK configurator. Has anyone managed to get ventilated seats on a UK order or is this just for other markets?
  12. Interior
    It appears that the M Sport seats (Option 711) are not available in US or Canada. Super disappointing, :confused: I was looking forward to having similar seats to my old M4. Can anyone confirm or have conflicting information?
  13. Interior
    I have ordered a M50 for delivery Q4 next year... (should be around 36 million seconds...). To save cost, I ordered it with the black Alcantara seats. I of course want the M-Sport seats, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to justify the extra $1000 (Norway), in addition to the mandatory...
  14. Interior
    Norwegian TV2 just shared a video showing the rear seats space of the i4. The person is 190cm. For me this is fine as I will mostly have my kid at the back. If my parents are with me it will not be a issue as they are nowhere near 190cm :) Link to video: BMW i4: – Blir en av de mest...
  15. Interior
    Hi Some random pics of the m sport seats from internet / YouTube from the 4 coupe reviews. I have the x3 g01 with sport seats (the same standard seats of the i4) with black vernasca and white stitching and they are great. But the m sport seats just look even more cool I think they make the i4...
  16. Interior
    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knows or has heard of BMW offering the M3 carbon bucket seats as an option for the i4M50?
  17. Interior
    So I read the new edition of “elektro auto mobil” a German language publication on electric cars for Germany and Austria. They tend to be able to drive EVs before everyone else and this was true with the VW ID.4 as well as the BMW i4. The good was that they stated that the BMW i4 and i4 m50...
  18. Interior
    I talked to my Dealer and he asked me if I was going with Leather or SensaTec seats. My thought has been to save a bit and go with SensaTec. From what I have been reading, it looks like leather and might even last longer. Thoughts? BTW i dont care abour resale value because I will keeping my...
  19. Interior
    I will be ordering the i4 M50 but without the full order specification listing of options and restrictions (haven't found that online anywhere yet) I am having trouble working out the logic of the various seat options. I don't really want the M seats as I have found the style a bit...
1-20 of 22 Results