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  1. Exterior
    Hey all! I'm placing an order for the BMW i4 edrive40 as soon as I can decide on a color. After weeks of switching back and forth between mostly the San Remo Green and the Skyscraper Grey, i feel like i'm going crazy and I don't even want to think about this car anymore. Facts: I live in LA...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Want to give a review of my first 24 hours with my new I4 e drive (18" tires). First of all props to the dealership for making it such a simple process buying the car. I was in and out within an hour! I did not finance so that saved me some time by just running it on my debit card and not...
  3. 2022+ BMW i4 Reviews
    Moroccan quick review with rare Skyscraper grey car
  4. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    Get to know all the available BMW i4 models in this review and walk-around video.
  5. 2022+ BMW i4 Pictures
    View and share pictures here of the 2022+ BMW i4 in Brooklyn Grey Metallic/Skyscraper Grey 2022 BMW i4 Color Options Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic Alpine White Black Sapphire Metallic Mineral White Metallic Sunset Orange Metallic Portimao Blue Metallic San Remo Green Metallic Brooklyn Grey...
  6. 2022+ BMW i4 Videos
    Here are some first look videos of the i4 I've seen so far on YouTube. As more come out add them below. BMW Blog The Fast Lane Car Scoops
1-6 of 6 Results