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  1. Interior
    Hi All - close to pushing the button on an M50, one thing I'm struggling to find any info on is if anyone has managed to check if you can get a golf bag and trolley in the boot without putting the seats down? Any managed to test that out?
  2. Interior
    Hi, does anyone know if the floor is raised in the i4 (for batteries) vs a regular 4 series? If so, by how much. I ask, because I've seen reviewers sitting in the back seat and it looks like their knees are at a weird angle.
  3. Interior
    (uploaded to YT for better view experience) I made a test today with m440i but the trunk is the same - easily fits 65x47x27 luggage and carryon 55x40x20 behind it And even standing 65 when hard shelf is removed
  4. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I Wonder, as I could Not See a 4 Gran Coupe or an i4 in real so far. What is your opinion or experience with transporting a dog in the trunk of the i4? what size of dog would work? Is there enough light and air with the Top removed? Anyone tranporting a dog in an old 4 GC in the trunk...
  5. Interior
    Norwegian TV2 just shared a video showing the rear seats space of the i4. The person is 190cm. For me this is fine as I will mostly have my kid at the back. If my parents are with me it will not be a issue as they are nowhere near 190cm :) Link to video: BMW i4: – Blir en av de mest...
1-6 of 6 Results