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  1. UK
    Has anyone else experienced the utterly infuriating problem where despite listening to Spotify through the car’s inbuilt app, playback continually pauses when Android Auto decides to cut in? I have tried changing the Android Auto settings regarding continuing playback etc. without success. I am...
  2. BMW i4 Infotainment & Technology
    I was just going to share and see others experiences thus far in having Spotify integrate with their I4. On Spotify I have A Premium Family membership for myself, the wife, and two kids. Have created playlists, favorited options, and have albums I play show up. Typically I create or add to a...
  3. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    The built in native iDrive Spotify app on my 2023 e40 stopped working last week. Worked fine for the first few weeks, but now just says "loading" with no music every time I try to open it. Already re-set the iDrive system several times (held down power button for 30 seconds), but that did not...
  4. Interior
    Hey, does anyone know how deep Spotify is integrated into iDrive 8? is there a native App in iDrive 8? is i streaming via the cars internet connection? or is a mobile phone required and it is streaming via Bluetooth? and/or is the personal eSIM required for streaming directly? thx!
1-4 of 4 Results