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  1. 2021+ BMW i4 Reviews
    Likes: Suspension Road grip Seating position Quality of interior Dislikes: Front grill Route planner Btw, the guy driving is a BMW fan and has owned BMWs in the past before moving to Tesla. The route planner discussion (from 12:00 onwards) is interesting. The software doesn't seem...
  2. 2021+ BMW i4 Videos
    Amateur video shot by a ...Kid! Loud music etc. but it is a video of the i4! Tanzanite blue M cognac. You can clearly see that the sunroof doesn't open as it should.
  3. 2021+ BMW i4 Pictures
    Hi all Any real life pictures of the i4 (or the new Gran Coupe) in Tanzanite Blue? /Mikael
1-6 of 6 Results