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  1. United States General
    I an in the New England region and I have eDrive40 on order. The car is built and currently at the port waiting for a ship. I recently noticed on BMW USA website, that if you order eDrive40 you can also add a set of 19" 859 Y-Spoke Cold Weather Wheel and Tire Set as a second set of tiers for...
  2. Exterior
  3. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    Should I add the option of tyre pressure monitoring system for my i4 M50? I don't have any experience on it. It shows the tyre pressure, including the temperature (not sure, I remember I read it somewhere from the BMW press release). Its features sound like the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2...
  4. Exterior
    I see the list of BMW approved tires but they are mostly summer (performance) tires. What all season tires are new owners getting with their delivered i4 s? wallyf
  5. Exterior
    I know many countries do not allow winter tyres with spikes. But for those of you that can have that option - will you choose it? I always choose spikes because of the superior grip in icy conditions - but with the M50 I am not sure. I believe the spikes will be worn and levelled very quick...
  6. Exterior
    1st post. Just put my pre-order in yesterday in Kitchener, ON Canada... Best Case scenario is probably delivery in the winter of 2022/23... Anyone know if the m50 can take 18" rims? Wondering about starting to research winter tires and rims for my new daily driver...
  7. Exterior
    Hi all, First post from a fellow future i4 owner down under in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺! Ordered my M50 in Tanzanite Blue with pretty much all the options in the book, should get here by August 😎! I’m considering changing the tyres on my i4 when it gets here for the Michelin Pilot Sport EVs...
  8. Exterior
    In my search for wheels and tires for my upcoming i4 I came across this list of tires BMW deliver on the i4 and figured it could be useful for people on here. (see attached) I´m trying to find a similar list for all the OEM wheels, but to no avail so far. I may have to compile one myself...
  9. Exterior
    In talking to my current leasing agent, she has just told me that the projected cost of tyre replacement is around £700 per tyre. Surely this is wrong, as a quick look at shows far cheaper (but not specifically rated for EV's) Welcome to the Help & Support...
  10. Exterior
    See this, and also the link to the Michelin Pilot Sport EV inside the article. Competition for the PZero that seems ubiquitous on EVs including the i4. Note Michelin's claim to extend the range by 60km. Marketing hype?
  11. Exterior
    The following link leads you to a webpage on which the tires are mentioned that BMW uses on their i4 vehicles in Europe. BMW Tires G26 On the right side of those two pages, are links to the tires. Clicking on them leads you to the specifications of that particular tire: classes for fuel...
  12. Exterior
    What information is there on the range differences with 18“ aero wheels with performance tires v 19” wheels with all season tires ( brands of course unknown )? Recall seeing a reference to some European configerators providing this generally but not the specifics .
  13. Exterior
    Currently I have all-season tires on my i4 m50 order. I live in Atlanta, temps do dip down below 40 for a month or a bit more out of the year so I'm thinking all-seasons are a safer bet. If it means the car is louder w/ road noise I would re-consider. Overall I want a good ride, want it to...
  14. Exterior
    Hi. I pre-ordered the i4M50. It’s my first M series. While going through choosing options on the BMW website I noticed that there is no option for run flats. Is there some technical reason that one cannot have run flats on an M? Thanks for any responses.
  15. Exterior
    Hi all I was trying to figure out tyre sizes and if they are Runflat and found this: Thought it may be useful information.
  16. Exterior
    I'll be buying rims and winter tires for our i4 but I want to have some kind of aerodynamic rim of a size that gives me the best range. Here's my questions... 1. As I understand it, smaller rims give you better range? Is this true even if you increase the sidewall of the tire? I'm considering...
  17. Exterior
    Just a service note :) Someone asked at some point which tires to expect on the M-rims. My local rim-guy just got these in from BMW: Frontwheels: 20"x8,5J , ET35 , 5x112 , ø 66,6mm BMW SKU: 6895933 , Size 255/35R20 97Y Rearwheels: 20"x10J , ET39 , 5x112 , ø 66,6mm BMW SKU: 6895933, Size...
  18. Exterior
    Does anyone know what type of tyre/tire we will get with the i4 M50 - are they non-run-flats? I would like to know for both the standard wheel size and the 20" upgrade, but can't find this anywhere. I note the equipment package includes a puncture repair kit, so maybe they're not run-flats. I...
1-18 of 18 Results