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    Missing and/or removed options: This thread will contain all the options that are no longer available. Of course, this will differ from country to country, every item needs to contain the necessary documentation like: What Description Where (country) Type of car affected An explanation why by...
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    Useful web addresses, emails, phone numbers... BMW Individual Color and Wheel Selector: BMW Individual Manufactur Visualizer German customer support: [email protected] (English is not a problem)
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    Option Code list (idea by @Feeb ) Colors 300 - Alpine White 668 - Black C4W - Skyscraper Grey C4P - Brooklyn GreyEdit thread C31 - Portimao Blue 475 - Sapphire Black A96 - Mineral White Open thread C1X - Sunset Orange C4E - Sanremo Green C57 - Aventurine Red C36 - Dravit Grey (I) C3Z -...
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    -- 1 -- Normal metallic and Individual colors: all on the same assembly line, sprayed one after another Our Dutch fellow member @RobNL84 has an interesting story about how the i4s are painted. Here's what he said: For everybody able to do it, I highly recommend the factory tour in Munich. Gives...
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    BMW i4 Production - First Look - This is how it's made! (No speech) Gigantic Overseas Autoliner - Mega Transports - Höegh Autoliners (English) The Best Of BMW i4 (No speech) Drifting with the BMW M50 (Chinese) Drifting with the BMW i4 eDrive40 M-Sport (No speech)
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    VIN Tools Find Your Production Week How to find you production week using Chrome Web tools By @Fayt349 Go to In Chrome, right click the page (the my vehicles page) and click Inspect. Click on the Network tab, and then the 'Fetch/XHR' filter. Reload the page. One of the requests...
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    For overseas deliveries: Ships to be monitored in the next weeks (till Oct/Nov 2022) Updated 2 Oct 2022 Car Transport Company Schedules Click on the picture Link to website + how to Höegh Autoliners: i.e. Höegh New York Schedule - Hoegh Autoliners By Port > Load Port Bremerhaven >...
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    Owner's Manuals: BMW i4 Gran Coupé Navigation, Entertainment, Communication Swedish manuals can also be found here (thx to @Johan)
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    Price lists in the different countries: You can send me the price list (or an update) of your country and I'll add it to the list of this sticky topic. Belgium (NL) - 03/2022 The Netherlands - 07/2022 (Uploaded by @RobNL84) ** NEW ** Also: 11/2022 (Uploaded by @RobNL84) ** NEW - Probably not...
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    Calendar 2022 with week indications:
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    General Timeline of Events: The timelines are general and assume everything goes as planned. There could always be delays if the vehicle is stuck in customs, or has some damage during shipping. Build start (150) to build finish (155): 1-2 weeks Timeline for deliveries overseas Build finish...
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    List of common BMW status codes and their meanings: 0 Order deleted by NA 17 Order not Specified 37 Order is at BMW NA 87 Production Week Assigned 97 Order sent to AG 100 Order deleted by AG 101 Error in data transmitted 102 Special Order (no Prod Week) 105 Order out of Prod. Period 111 Order...
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    This will be a collection containing all the "How-To" videos we can find for the BMW i4. There will also be some videos that show the iX or even other BMW's because some of the features are identical i.e. iDrive 8 stuff...). In fact, all educational videos about the BMW i4 (or related)...
1-13 of 13 Results