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  1. United States General
    In the US we (unfortunately) cannot order a factory installed hitch. Stealth Hitches announced earlier they are working on an aftermarket solution, and they just released it: We are pleased to announce that our Stealth Hitch for the BMW i4 is now available to order (see the link below)...
  2. 2022+ BMW i4 General Discussion Forum
    Below is an email I received from Stealth Hitch asking that anyone with interest in a hitch to contact them so they can consider whether to prioritize developing a hitch for the i4. Please email [email protected] - to show interest if you would like them to create a hitch for the i4...
  3. Exterior
    Does anyone hear know if the retractable tow hitch will be available as an accessory in the US? I know a lot of other countries have this as an option however there’s no real information on US models
  4. Pimp your Ride
    The i4 will undoubtedly be the best equipped from the factory vehicle I’ve ever owned but I’m still excited to accessorize and make the car my own. Despite living in a pretty dry climate, I’m still a big fan of rubber floor mats just for the simplicity of keeping the interior clean. I’ll also...
  5. Exterior
    Tow bars....I don't have one, I don't need one, and actually, I don't like them... When driving around in Belgium with a fully extracted tow bar, with no trailer, and you're having an accident where someone rear-ends you, the insurance might take off their hands. Why? well, because tow bars...
  6. Exterior
    We're ordering an i4 m50 in Regina SK Canada but were disappointed to see that the hitch wasn't an option in North America. We have the offer of some friends who are coming from Germany in February to order the i4 hitch assembly as a part in Germany and bring it with them when they come. The...
1-6 of 6 Results