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  1. Interior
    My current understanding is that in full Merino leather the Sensatec in the dashboard will be replaced with real leather. In addition the lower part of the dash will be leather instead of soft plastic. However, doortops is leather soft plastic in both. Are these the correct assumptions?
  2. Interior
    Hi all, BMW UK’s configurator has been updated with some additional interior upholstery options. Looks like there’s now a Fiona Red option (extended or full) as well as Tacora Red option. The Fiona Red is either a £990 or £2750 option depending on if extended or full. What are peoples thoughts...
  3. Interior
    This awesome combo is now available on i4. Showed in this video on a Portimao Blue M440i.
  4. Interior
    The oyster leather interior has started intrique me. Considering swapping to it from Cognac. If I would do it exterior could change as well. What exterior you see most fitting to Oyster?
  5. Interior
    I have ordered an M50 in San Remo Green with black leather. Last week I had a test drive in a black I4 with Tacora Red leather. I really like that interior and am tempted to change to it if it doesn’t affect delivery date. Tacora Red clearly goes with black - but does it go with the green? I...
  6. Interior
    I'm considering M50 (front M sport seats are standard equipment) rather than 40 M sport just because price delta is very small in my country. However I would just take it for regular road trips, no racing. Are M sport seats stiff which may not be so comfortable for long trips/traffic jams? I...
  7. Interior
    I'm a little crazy and I'm going for Frozen Portimao Blue with Tecora Red seats (known as the "superman look") and wondering if it'll be hideous or look kinda unique...but I also will have tinted windows so who cares! Plus I plan on getting a wrap a few years later, as the matte colors tend to...
  8. Interior
    Any real life images for the Alcantara/Sensatec combination Black/contrast stitching Blue (BK)? So far I’ve seen pictures of demo cars with Vernasca or Sensatec, but not this combination, which is the standard trim for M50 in Finland.
  9. Interior
    Does the colour of the fabric of the headliner / interior ceiling come in both cream and black? I've ordered the eDrive40 with oyster cream leather seats and customised the pictures / video that i was given from my dealer of how my car would look like shows a cream fabric as the headliner /...
  10. 2022+ BMW i4 Pictures
    Please send me your Digital Brochure so I can add it to the list below. Indicate the color, the type of wheels, and what interior you have chosen. Even though you see a model with the same color, send it anyway, maybe the interior is different, or the wheels. Legend (76) Abbreviation Option...
  11. Interior
    I talked to my Dealer and he asked me if I was going with Leather or SensaTec seats. My thought has been to save a bit and go with SensaTec. From what I have been reading, it looks like leather and might even last longer. Thoughts? BTW i dont care abour resale value because I will keeping my...
  12. Interior
    I’m going for the Sapphire Black paint but would love a cream leather interior. It doesn’t seem to be an option though. Anyone know a way I can get it in the configuration?
1-12 of 12 Results