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  1. Deliveries, delays, and missing options
    Hey everyone, just wanted to contribute to the statistics we have going here... I was suddenly surprised by my CA this afternoon that I now have a production number! I was particularly surprised because I know how things have looked thus far for others who've ordered months before me. But I do...
  2. Interior
    Hi all, Well, today I made the decision to order an M50. So, it's options time. I'm currently looking at Sapphire black with Cognac/Mocha interior. The (small) issue is that in the UK, if I want Cognac, I have to have the M Sport seats. What's the thoughts on these seats over the standard ones?
  3. Interior
    UK site. Above shows Sensatec perforated Canberra Beige with extended contents as an option, but when I go to the 'Build and Price' part of the site, it's not there as an option. Does anyone know if I can include it in my build?
  4. Interior
    Today I revisited my dealer, and while they were fixing something on my current car I got some real ass-in-seat time in all their exhibition cars, and also got a chance to talk to the sellers. Looking around at the different model lines and interiors, I want to share my opinions about what are...
  5. Interior
    Here you can find pictures of the different kinds of seats: (all black except the ventilated)
  6. Interior
    I have ordered a M50 for delivery Q4 next year... (should be around 36 million seconds...). To save cost, I ordered it with the black Alcantara seats. I of course want the M-Sport seats, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to justify the extra $1000 (Norway), in addition to the mandatory...
  7. Interior
    I will be ordering the i4 M50 but without the full order specification listing of options and restrictions (haven't found that online anywhere yet) I am having trouble working out the logic of the various seat options. I don't really want the M seats as I have found the style a bit...
1-7 of 7 Results