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    Both @alex.j and myself noticed that our phones got really hot on the wireless charger during our test drives. We both regularly use wireless charging at home without an issue, so it isn't the phone. He has a Samsung S21, I have a Samsung S21 Ultra. Obviously it's difficult to get much feedback...
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    Hi, I'm a new member and this is my first post so I hope I'm asking this in the correct area. Can one have the phone on the wireless charger and still have it connect to Apple CarPlay so that other Apps work?
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    Does the i4 M50 comes with a wireless phone charger? My M140i has one that I use every now and again so it would be useful if the M50 had one too.
  4. Interior
    Anyone know if wireless charging will be available on the i4 M50. I have read that ‘provision for wireless charging’ will be available but due to chip shortage it may be dropped? Also does the car display the speed limit in the HUD as std or do you need the Driving Assistant Professional. Its...
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    Does anyone think the i4 will be the first production BMW to offer inductive/wireless charging? I know BMW has been flirting with the idea and testing it out over the past couple of years. It would be cool if they could pull it off with the i4 because I can see wireless charging becoming more...
1-5 of 5 Results