I've been seeing some new articles about the i4 popping up online so it looks like more journalists are getting access from BMW. Here's the information I've been able to round up so far about what we can expect from the i4 when it debuts on June 1.

Apparently there will be two different variants of the i4. Most likely with different performance numbers.

There will be one battery option though with the i4. BMW has said the i4's battery will be "around 80 kilowatt-hours"which puts it in the same league as the Porsche Taycan. (79.2 kWh).

BMW's claim that the i4 will be able to get 300 miles of range remains the same.

BMW still claims the i4 will be able to reach 0-60 mph in 4 seconds with 530 horsepower.

One review I read mentioned that the i4 prototype he drove 255/35 front and 285/30 rear Pirelli P-Zero summer performance tires on 20-inch wheels.

Regen Modes:
Like most EVs the i4 is expected to have multiple regenerative braking modes for drivers to choose from.

BMW iDrive 8:
The i4 is expected to have a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster directly in front of the driver and a 14.9-inch display to the right. iDrive 8 is expected to have improved natural-language voice controls, 5G connectivity, over-the-air updates and more.

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