On Tuesday afternoon BMW officially revealed their first fully electric BMW M Model, the i4 M50. Alongside the i4 eDrive40 and the BMW iX it not only signifies BMW's commitment to electric vehicles, but to performance EVs as well.

They didn't reveal a full list of specs for the i4 M50 during reveal, but here are some tidbits that we learned from the livesteam.

These are the 6 things you need to know:

1. It will have 544 horsepower

During the i4 M50's part of the livestream, BMW head of design Domagoj Dukec explained that it will sit on top of the i4 lineup with 544 horsepower.

2. It will come in Frozen Portimao Blue

The color that the i4 M50 was revealed in is called Frozen Portimao Blue. It's a color that it will share with its gasoline-powered cousins, the 2021 M3 and M4.


3. It has the same seats as the M3 and M4

Paint and won't be the only thing the i4 M50 shares with the M3 and M4. Dukec also mentioned that the seats are the same in the i4 M50 as in the M3 and M4.


4. There will be 3 driving modes to choose from.

From the livestream and interview with Dukec we know that there will be three driving modes to select in the i4 M50. They are: Sport Boost, Comfort, and Eco Pro. We're not sure what the "boost" in Sport Boost means but it can only be a good thing.


5. It will fit 245/40 R19 tires

For anyone that wants to start looking for the right set of summer tires, the i4 M50's tire size is 245/40 R19, slightly narrower than the M3 and M4.

For comparison, the M3 and M4 come with 275/35 R19 tires at the front and 285/30 R20 at the rear.


6. More electric M vehicles are coming

The i4 M50 is only the beginning for electric BMW M cars. Pieter Nota, member of the board of management of BMW AG, customer, brands, sales, said during the livestream that BMW is planning more electric M cars, like the iX M60 that will be revealed in 2022.

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