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Two recent interesting articles on InsideEEvs French and US sites comparing WLTP/EPA vs Real world conditions autonomy.

Autonomie réelle électrique, la vérité sur 12 voitures testées
Tested: InsideEVs Reveals Real World Range Of Today's Electric Cars

The article on the French version of the website is based on an Italian exercise (with accompanying video) of 12 recently released EVs under test (including a BMW iX) driving around the Rome circular GRA at the same time with speeds of up to 130 km/h.
The US tests are more of a catalogue of historical range tests performed in the past (on different days), but also at 70 mph.

French/Italian conclusion: There is an average difference of 33% between the WLTP vs real world 130/110 km/h driving
US conclusion: The EPA numbers are quite close to the 70 mph real world driving (10% or less difference), but in some cases are an underestimation!

Of course, no BMW i4 tests in either, but in taking the 33% diff figure we can deduce a real world range of ~400 km (edrive40) and ~350 km (m50) when driving at 130/110 km/h.
The official EPA figures haven't been released yet, but the "estimated EPA" on the BMW USA site is 300 miles (edrive40) and 245 miles (M50).
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