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Bimmercode and its possibilities

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If you want to mess around with some special (officially undocumented) tips and tricks then Bimmercode is your new keyword.

Check out this thread "Bimmercode for i4 - steps followed coding first time" by Sesh Kami, will get you started in this magic world.
Another thread with lots of info can be found under "Bimmercode on i4", by kevpuk.
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Just throwing it out there... I just coded the B&W profile after replacing all of the HK with B&W speakers today (Finally got the rear seat side panels done), and it throws an error when running scans. Nothing major, but it's a stored error, so wouldn't be able to clear it..

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Could mean: wrong amplifier

And, I have no clue what I'm saying here because for obvious reasons I'm not even able to program this, but I saw on another forum that someone also changed some parameter from alev3RAM to alev4RAM. But again, no clue... :)
Could mean: wrong amplifier
It's just saying I don't have the B&W RAM to match the HU's coded profile, no biggie.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts