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We have brand new spy photos that show what could be the upcoming BMW i4 M!

In this i4 prototype we can see M mirrors along with a wider track at the rear axles based on the wider fenders. These features haven't been seen on other i4 prototypes.

BMW has confirmed that the M version of the i4 will be coming in late 2021.

We're not sure about power numbers yet on the i4 M but it looks like it will have a more aggressive stance with M styling.


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I have to laugh when car companies wrap a car in camo and then have "electric test vehicle" slapped on it.

With all the styling changes I hope there's some kind of a performance boost to go with it.
It should be even easier to get power out of these than with ICE models in BMW's line up.
Tesla's have been a great example of this.

I just wonder how long it will take for tuners to release products.
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