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Hey all, I found the owner manual here:

I plan on reading all of it before taking delivery of the car. But I didn't find any mention of using the phone as a key. Is that going to be a feature? Even just the digital key from Apple Carkey is fine with me too.
Page 96

BMW Digital

Key Principle
BMW Digital Key allows you to use a compatible smartphone to lock, unlock and start the vehicle.

Availability and range of functions of the BMW Digital Key depend on the equipment and na‐ tional-market version.

BMW Digital Key can be used with a compatible smartphone or other compatible end devices.

To unlock and start a vehicle with a compatible smartphone, this function must be offered by the smartphone manufacturer. The BMW app pro‐ vides a check to determine if the smartphone and the vehicle are compatible and which func‐ tions are supported.

A BMW ID or a driver profile with individual set‐ tings can be assigned to a digital key.

When using a smartphone as a digital key, al‐ ways carry a vehicle key or the activated Key Card with you too. This will mean that you can still access the vehicle even if the smartphone is not working. It is also useful to have the vehicle key or Key Card about your person if the vehicle has to be handed over to another person. The vehicle key or Key Card can then be handed over, instead of the smartphone. Always take the vehicle key with you to a service appointment.
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