Back in August BMW M reveled that they built an testbed for an future electric M sportscar with four electric motors. They even reveled a few photos of it at that time.

We now have a new batch of photos where we can see this i4-based prototype from every angle.

BMW’s M division is moving further down the path toward electrification, if this i4-based prototype with a new quad-motor drivetrain is any indication. The prototype's all-wheel-drive setup with four electric motors indicates that future M EVs could be significantly more powerful than the current M-badged electric offerings. As for now the i4 M50 has 536 horsepower and the iX M60 has 610 horsepower from their dual motor set-ups. Even if we at this point have no power figures on the quad motor set-up we are sure it will be plenty more.

Now BMW M are about to start the road testing for those prototypes as we spotted a prototype with regular license plates on a car trailer. The start of the testing is just some days or weeks away.

Based on a i4 M50 body we can see the wider wheel arches in order to hide the wider track. Also a M4 CSL grille is fitted and all together it gives the prototype a cool look.

We don’t know when this technology will be found in a production car but it could very well be so that the next generation M3/M4 will be electrified and very powerful. But BMW M could also have an electric supercar in the pipeline that could use the quad motor set-up that’s been tested here.

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