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As many of you know, BMW, like other car manufacturers frequently survey buyers about their experiences from buying the car to the actual car itself.

If you haven't already done so, look for and fill out the survey in the US from NVES (aka Strategic Vision) with your thoughts on the entire purchase process. Aside from posting on this forum, it's really the only legit way we can influence outcomes for future releases of this car. There's an option for you to be contacted by BMWNA directly by phone, which I selected, and I can't wait to give them a load of feedback here!

Because many of us on this forum care a lot about our car experiences, I would submit that it's our duty to make it better!

We are the small percentage of owners / prospective owners who can actually influence others broadly. The survey is a good way to do that with the one constituency that matters -- BMW.

Lastly, don't be confused, this is different than the dealership survey which your CA typically asks you to fill out all 10s or 5s (depending on the scale) so they can get their bonus. Many of us have had poor experiences with dealers and that's how we rectify that, apart from not doing future business there.

This is the screenshot of the email invitation to take the survey, sent shortly after you take delivery of the car:
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This is what you get if you selected the option to have BMWNA contact you directly:
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