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Is this intended for the i4 or for something further into the future?

BMW filed a patent application in Germany that was revealed this month through publication for a U-shaped steering wheel/handle intended for autonomous vehicles. The joystick grips look like they have a control dial at the top.


As part of the development of at least partially autonomous two-lane motor vehicles, the development of novel steering handles is also being considered, with the aid of which a driver can steer the vehicle in a non-automated driving mode that is still available, i.e. can specify or set its direction of travel. The steering wheels previously used for this require a relatively large amount of installation space, which could be used for other purposes at least if the vehicle is driving autonomously.

It should be expressly mentioned at this point that the grip element does not have to be U-shaped; the only essential thing is a suitably angled shape, which enables the handle elements to be rotated relative to the support structure, preferably about an axis parallel to their axis of rotation, so that when the steering handle is rotated, the driver only shifts his hands translationally, but not about the longitudinal axis of his forearm must twist. The driver is also given the option of steering with only one hand, ie grasping only one of the (two) handle elements.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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