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God, that thing is ugly. But it screams "MONEY" so I get it. There's no cheap or budget version of this.
Does anybody remember the iPhone app "I am Rich"? 1000$ just to have an icon to show that you paid 1000$. Same thing with this one. This car has a big badge on it saying: "My driver paid almost 200 grand for me".

I'm just wondering how it actually drives as a real M, because I cannot image this is close to any other real M car. This thing weighs almost 2.8 tonnes vs. 2.2 tonnes for an X5/6M or 1.9 tonnes for an X3/4M. There's a reason BMW did not do an X7M, because you just cannot drive a car like that on a track with all the weight.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts