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BMW developed an electric wingsuit that in this video hit 300 km/h (186 mph)!

A jump into the unknown. The point of no return. Wingsuit pilot Peter Salzmann does what no other human has ever done before, and sets a new level for flying. After three years of intensive research and countless tests in partnership with BMW i, a dream is coming true at last.

Salzmann, wingsuit pilot and flying pioneer, is gliding above a blue sky, launching his electrified wingsuit into open air as the first human ever to do so — and breaking the boundaries of human flight forever. Not only does a sport get redefined in this special collaboration with BMW i, but you also get an insight into the new era of e-mobility.

"When you’re base-jumping, the jump itself – the point of no return – is the most intense moment," Salzmann says. Words to live by – especially from the man who has made a whole career out of doing the impossible. "You have to jump at the exact right angle – and then freefall for several seconds before you begin gliding.” It’s an almost inconceivable challenge, physically and mentally.

In the end, this is what it’s really all about if you want to rewrite history: overcoming what no one has overcome before — and finding the right path forward from your own points of no return.


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