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BMW's future EV Roadmap

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Here's what we can expect from BMW for EVs over the next couple of years. I'm very interested to see what they have in store for the electric 5 Series and 7 Series.

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Got to love how it looks at night. Too bad BMW doesn't do anything nearly as exciting.
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That looks like a concept picture?

Because the actual mass production hyberscreen is much cheaper looking.

It is just 2 screens running the same interface. Not very exciting IMO.


and as a tech geek, it really looks like windows media player. What BMW has going for them looks much more interesting UI wise

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Here's a video fo the EQS' interior inside a prototype. It still looks great to me but it looks so distracting with all the screens and colors.

Yes dosent look bad. But the UI and graphics looks like something a teenager would choose together with LED fans in his computer. It really dosent look premium imo.
Now that you mentioned that about the LEDs I can't unsee it :LOL:.

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Spot on with that picture 😂
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