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This happened yesterday, on one of the busy freeways (I-15), express lane in Southern California. A CHP officer decided to pull me over for speeding, going 76 miles per hour. (of all speeds). He claimed I was going 82, when I passed him, but clearly that wasn't the case. Doesn't matter much in California since even 1 mile over can result in fine.

Anyone that knows SoCal roads, even though the speed limit is 65-70mph on the freeways, up to 80mph is generally the rule of thumb. Keeps things moving for us.

As far as the law goes, totally at fault here, however, he proceeds to tell me: "Just because you have an i4 doesn't mean the rules of physics don't apply". I ended the conversation with him at that point, politely asked if our business is done and I can go.

Careful out there ;)

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How much is the ticket going to cost you?
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