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How do you wash your cars

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I am never going to wash my car. Not ever. Not even once.

The reason being that I wanted it to be red, or blue, or purple. I was outvoted by the males of the household, even though it's actually my car. So the deal we did was this: I'd get the car in Mineral White, on the condition it was washed by hand on the drive outside every week, without fail. (The "on the drive" bit was added so that it doesn't get taken to the Albanian car wash and hammered by their enthusiastic jetwashing of everything.) Every single week, so that I'm never driving round in a manky shed covered in filth and awfulness.

I took delivery on Monday last week and put 83 miles on the clock by the weekend. The car wasn't actually dirty apart from a couple of specks, but it was washed on Sunday. Hurrah! 😆
1 - 2 of 2 Posts