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How do you wash your cars

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The ceramic coating is a hydrophobic sealer that resists dirt, chemicals and UV light.

I am getting it for the first time on my i4. And this was based on reading many posts on this forum by folks considering ppf and ceramic coatings. Ceramic cost me $800 and I decided to try it. (PPF offers more protection at a higher cost, yet I personally find the appearance unattractive)

My impressions are:

It is very easy to clean. Most dust rinses off with water. Bird droppings and smashed insects (bug splats in NC) take just a little rubbing with a cloth.

The car has a mirror finish without waxing. It is new, of course, but I will keep it looking that way, I hope.

The windshield (also coated) repels water amazingly. When driving in the rain the water flows off without forming drops, and I can clearly see, even before switching on thw wipers.

I am pleased with the product. As I mentioned, I can wash the car faster than taking it off to a car wash and it is a pleasure, so why risk it in an automatic washer?
One thing they told me when I picked up my car after PPF (which includes ceramic) was to never do a car wash with wax; it will dull the shine.
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