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I requested the 400v 32a adapter to be delivered with my car, so I can directly connect the “flexible fast charger” to my in house wall connector. It should deliver 11kw of power.
A wall box is only needed (in my opinion) if the connector is publicly accessible, to prevent others to start charging on your costs.

Off course, a wall box looks nicer, and is easier to use since it manages your cables and you don’t have the separate charger black box laying around.

On a side note: the standard red 400v plugs are actually not rated to work at their maximum capacity for many hours at once, that’s why I chose the 32A connection, since the 16A would be closer to maximum. 400V 16A is about 11KW. 400V 32A will only be used for +\- 50%.

More info here: (article in Dutch)
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