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As excited as I am about potentially owning a vehicle that doesn't use fossil fuels, I have a couple of concerns about battery powered vehicles.

If I have a low mileage six or seven year old gas powered BMW and want to sell it, I can probably do so without much trouble. Other than doing the normal maintenance and repairs, the buyer will likely be pretty confident that the vehicle he purchases will still have quite a bit of life left to it. Once that vehicle is scrapped, the body will likely be crushed, melted down and reused.

If I am looking for a used vehicle, would I want to buy a six or seven year old one if I know that the batteries may die fairly soon and that they are very pricey to replace? Tesla offers a 10 year warranty on their cars' batteries. Would I want to buy a 7 year old Tesla? I certainly would not, unless the price of batteries came down dramatically. I guess this will be a 'wait and see' thing.

Secondly: What will happen to all of those dead batteries? Will they become part of toxic landfill? Much of the concern about fossil fueled vehicles is related to air pollution. Will we be swapping polluted air for poisoned land?

Please don't take my concerns as cynicism. But I would like to learn more about companies' plans for battery recycling before fully embracing this new technology.
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